Featured Artist

ADAM STEWART | artist | COLORAdo, usa

Adam Stewart was very fortunate to grow up surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.  Aspen trees generate early childhood memories of the outdoors: the smells, the sounds, and the beauty.  The Stewart family relied on the Aspen tree for firewood as their home was heated by a wood-burning stove.  This tree series is dedicated to the love of those memories. 


Stewart developed a different technique for this concept. Each painting is crafted using trowels, (no paintbrush) similar to the Impressionists using a palate knife.  The shimmering glow is created by adding gold and silver leaf to the surface.  To enhance the luminosity, a transparent blend of acrylics and mixed media sculpt the trees, leaves and landscape allowing the glowing silver and gold to show through.  Nothing compares to the illuminating glow of sunlight passing through the leaves of the Aspen trees.