The Palette has relationships with various framers who can have your piece framed for you. There are literally hundreds of frames to choose from. Depending on your budget, decor, and tastes, the Palette will work with you to have your piece framed to your liking. A photo of the interior of the space where you intend to hang your piece is recommended.

Art Installation

The Palette is happy to provide art installation services for both residential and corporate clients at a nominal cost. Please reach out to us to find out how we can help. Depending on the number of pieces, we usually have them installed or hung within a week.


The Palette has many years of experience in the corporate world and is very knowledgeable how to provide the most affordable and relevant art within the guidelines of a corporate budget. It is accustomed to working with a Corporate Art Buyer or a Corporate Art Committee to select and install the most appropriate pieces for your Employees, Management, Board of Directors, Vendors, and Clients.

Special Projects

The Palette is happy to work with individual or corporate clients on special projects and events within specific budgets and timelines. Please reach out to us to explain more about your project needs. We are more than happy to assist.

Commissioned Artwork

The Palette is happy to work with you on a commissioned piece for your residence or corporate collection. We can have a piece of artwork made especially for you within your budget and time frame. Due to The Palette's extensive network, we can find the best artists to fulfill your art needs.

Private Collections & Collectors

The Palette is happy to work with you to expand your private collection. The Palette has an extensive network of contacts within the U.S. and overseas, it has access to many wonderful artists. Please contact The Palette to find out more about these artists whose originals range from $1,000+ in value.

Reserve the Gallery

The Palette Art Gallery & Studio is delighted to rent its gallery space for corporate and private events and parties.  It’s a beautiful atmosphere to have drinks and food while looking at great art.  Great wines and delicious small dishes can be catered via the wine bar next door, Borrowed Time.

Designers & Architects

The Palette Art Gallery & Studio offers special discounts for design and architectural firms, designers and architects for a wide variety of art from the U.S. and around the world.  Please contact Peter at for further information.


The Palette Art Gallery & Studio is happy to provide you with leasing options for your home or office at reasonable monthly rates on select artwork. This is a great alternative to purchasing art outright, especially for those on a limited budget. At any time, you have the option to purchase. The Palette will provide curatorial assistance and will also install the artwork at a nominal fee. This option allows you to beautify your space with original artwork and limited edition prints and keep it fresh by replacing older artworks with newer artworks. If interested, please contact the gallery for further information regarding prices and terms.